Man Acquitted from 2006 Mumbai Blasts after 9 year, Writes a Book To Help Innocents

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Terrorism is a pain in the society and its even more painful within a specific community. This community have had acknowledged it way back but they feel alienated while controlling it to the extent that how they  can destroy what they had never created but they are working to fix it. No society wants their future generations gets into something which can not be justified in anyway.

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But what, as an individual, can do to deface such a mask within the society. Masses are now making a shift to uproot this menace within particular community but this shift become little before powerful lobbies of Nations, Political Goals. We, as a community, have understood the dark side of terrorism as we are facing it since long but when these lobbies would understand it.

Sentiments which carries within the society is doing a terrible personal harm. These sentiments, most of the time, make innocents to suffer, which do not interfere with any crime. They just pay their ‘name’ fines. They are just paying cost of being born in a particular religion.

How Abdul Wahid Sheikh have been victimized and spent 9 years of miserable life thereon.

Abdul Wahid Sheikh, who has spent 9 years in jail, understands this stinger very well. Abdul was arrested in 2006 after serial bomb blasts in Mumbai. He used to teach at a school at that time. He says as quoted

Today, the majority of Hindustan society seems to be hovering in the boundaries of extreme poverty. In such a way, the movement of a particular religion is considered to be offensive by its introduction to a tremendous extent. Often, this vast majority of society wants to seek revenge of activities like Terrorism. Security agencies, which fight terrorism, often feel under pressure due to this storm. And this pressure puts on an innocent person’s fate.

After the arrest, Abdul was in prison for 9 years. In 2015, he was acquitted by betraying them illegally. Abdul has written a book on his fate. The name of the book is ‘Begunah Prisoner’. Abdul has drawn a picture of the huge powers that have come with him in this book. The extent to which the system can come on, it is a said to a haunting story in his words.

Extract of coverpage”

Serial blasts in Mumbai on July 11, 2006 Since then the police had started questioning Abdul Wahid. After about 80 days of detention and torture repeatedly, the police finally arrested them by charging them. There were also 12 more people together. For the next 9 years, he has been suffering from uneasiness. Of the 13 people arrested, Abdul was alone, who was released. The remaining 12 people were decorated. Abdul is confident that the rest of the people are also innocent.

He further said, “Those people used to do Narco test in both legal and illegal ways. In an unlawful way, he gives us injections from the prisoner’s doctor and asks questions. We were innocents, we were happy initially that we will know the truth now. But that did not happen. In the legal test, he tampered with the CD. ”

“I was asked in the Narco Test in Bangalore, which number comes after 5? When the CD came in, before my reply, the question was ‘how many Pakistanis had come to your house?’ Similarly, the same happened with another accused Sajid. He was asked how does the TV run? His answer was ‘Remote’, when the question was changed and asked ‘How the bomb got activated’.

Abdul also speaks about anti-terrorist squad’s ‘torture cell’. In those soundproofed rooms, the prisoners were left naked. Run on AC in full, Electric shocks were given to their nipples and genitals.

Vinod Bhatt, a God’s Angel, comes to rescue him but later found dead under mysterious condition.

In his book, Abdul has done some shocking revelations about ATS officer Vinod Bhatt. As Abdul, Vinod Bhatt knew that all the people caught are innocent He swore that he would save everyone. A few days later, he died in mysterious circumstances. His body were found on the railway track.

A chapter in the book details the conversation with ACP Bhatt, an accused Ehtesham Siddiqui. ACP Bhatt had confessed in a conversation with Ehtesham that he knows all the accused are innocent. But they are being forced to prove them guilty. Abdul Wahid says that the conversation happened in his presence. The ACP had said that their senior men are threatening them. If they do not cooperate then they will have a false case against their wife. Bhatt had said that he would prefer to die rather than implicate the innocent people. A few days later, his corpse found on the railway line.

एटीएस के एसीपी विनोद भट्ट.

Abdul’s book is in Urdu. Soon English translation is going to be available. How many Muslim youths, like Abdul Wahid Shaikh, are trapped in the horrors of bad events due to being born in a particular religion. Do not get out of that many times.

Today, society have become so omerta that who knows they might forget the Nisar-ud-din Ahmad

Nisar-ud-din Ahmad, Spent 23 Years Of His Life Locked Up In Jail On False Terror Charges

Haneef Pakatwala, Absolved of terror charges after 14 years in jail

What i can conclude in Abdul’s words here that, These powerful gamut of Nations & Political lobbies should stop using particular community as a state or secret policy. It is no hidden now, and its on public domain but earlier it was not freely available. We are aware now and making every possible attempt to neutralize the radicalization within the community. I would suggest other communities not to get trapped in their agendas. They fabricate your holy scriptures and through propaganda that you will fall within their agenda and whatever we are facing today, you will face the same fate tomorrow.

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