Meet the Nationalist Akshay Kumar who Left Indian Citizenship For Canada


Mumbai : Yes, you heard it right because that actually is the truth. Akshay Kumar is a True Nationalist for right wingers who do patriotic movies unlike Bollywood Khans, even though Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir khan, Salman Khan has played Patriotic roles in several movies alas that’s still anti-nationalism for Indian Right Wings.

Surprisingly Indian right wingers never questioned Akshay Kumar’s Canadian citizenship while living, working and earning in India.

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Interestingly its not that he was born in Canada which made him Canadian, he was offered Canadian citizenship and then he accepted but irony is he always considered to be a true Indian while Khans do not have that privilege.

Akshay Kumar who left Indian citizenship for Canada has confessed earlier that he is in love with Canada and he got the citizenship after he got a doctorate from The University of Windsor. This is what he had to say about it “I have a strong affiliation with Canada and also have dual citizenship. It’s a place that I really love—the open terrain, the scenery, the wide roads and the clean streets. It’s the complete contrast of my homeland, although I love India for all the opposite reasons and it’s my home. I was honoured with a doctorate degree from The University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada, for my contribution to the Indian film industry and for my social work in Canada.”


The news about Akshay Kumar having dual citizenship sounds like lying to his fans with his statement that he has dual citizenship just to save his Indian fan base.

Truth is India doesn’t accept dual-citizenship. That means, he has to give up his Indian citizenship for Canada and is no more an official citizen of India. He said that Canadian government offered him a citizenship so he accepted it. What if the Pakistan government gives any of the Khans citizenship offer?

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Do you think any Khan Will accept it?

No, In fact Shahrukh Khan got the offer and he didn’t heed to it.

Akshay has given several hit movies beside 57 flops since 1991-2016 through Bollywood by succeeding in various genres such as illogical action movies of the 1990s to disastrous comedies of the 2000s. However, since his last few jingoistic films like Baby, Airlift and Holiday his avatar changed from Khiladi to Nationalist. All thanks to ultra-nationalists who can get fooled with little nationalism and turn violent with a little dissent.

At one point Akshay make movies and videos showing how big patriot he is and on the other hand, he took up Canadian citizenship. Although he has all rights to do it and it is not illegal, but the ‘hoopla’ about jingoistic avatars and abusing is Khans on other hand is what going to spoil the entertainment and atmosphere.


What does that mean?

The way he said he loves the open terrain, clean roads and the scenery which is totally in contrast with his homeland, what did that mean? We understand India is comparatively less clean and full of chaos than other countries but that is the place where he was born and where he got his fame.

In his movie Baby, among the many things we learn is that when a Hindu spy changes sides he is called a rogue agent, while if it’s a Muslim he can conveniently be called a traitor. In this film, Akshay’s character – another upper caste Hindu – Ajay Singh Rajput threatens to kill his former Muslim subordinate’s family if the “traitor” doesn’t disclose details of the planned attack. Pretty sure Rajput would make former police officer KPS Gill very proud by taking terror back to the terrorists and their families.

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