Meet This ‘Journalist’ Who Thinks Indian Muslims are ISI Agents

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Allahabad : Unable to defend his self-esteem and hatred towards a particular community, this so called journalist fell to the lowest levels.

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Almost all journalist have their political ideology,  but now a days there are many fake journalist who works in political interests than real journalists, A journalist should be neutral to everyone. they perhaps forget that how patiently they should react even in the face of criticism or uncomfortable questions. We are not blaming every journalists in India, there are few who ignore trolls and never abuse them back.


But, there is always an exception. Meet this gentleman – who claims to be a journalist and an anchor of National Voice TV Channel – He called a Muslim woman an ISI agent without any hesitation just because she posted an uncomfortable observation.

The woman in question – Lubna Usman Rifat – spotted a hoarding of “Brea’KING’ Mishra” somewhere in Lucknow and tweeted it with a caption: “Guess dis what’s wrong with brea’KING’ reporters nowadays..manufacture news first then report it…appreciate the honesty! (sic)”.

We don’t see any wrong in her tweet, her tweet went viral over social media and the banner was started flowing across social media for the heading over it. According to heading, it can be meant like “Mishra creates news where ever he go”.

By looking at her tweet, we understand that she just  tried to be humorous, but The Journalist reply might have left her feel uncomfortable on his ISI remark.

Brajesh Mishra, who identifies himself as “Brea’KING’ Mishra”, took no time to tweet back and declare Lubna – who is also co-founder of Janta Ka Reporter – as ISI agent in his tweet.

In response to the tweet, the ‘journalist’ wrote back, “Hello Mrs @lubnaurifat I really don’t require certificate of journalism from ISI agents .” Dosen’t this shows the mentality of the Journalist? How could he be neutral to his TV show keeping such a sick mentality?

A journalist is not expected to jump on a conclusion or pass a judgement. Mishra’s comments evoked angry reactions on social media with many users reminding him how he lacked even the basic ethics of journalism.

“What made him feel that I am an ISI agent without bothering to check my credentials? My Muslim identity?” asks Lubna.

His reaction on social media (twitter) shows his biased approach against Muslims and influence of Islamophobia on him. Ironically, the man operates from Lucknow, which is known for ‘tehzeeb’ and its rich culture. But we never know now a days the Brown “Chaddi” people can be in any dress.

Mishra’s Twitter profile suggests that he heads the news channel – National Voice. He was previously associated with ETV. He left the job and reportedly tried to launch his own news channel – UPTV – but could not get success as he failed to get licence. He finally launched the National Voice just before the assembly elections.

Lucknow media circle is abuzz with reports that the man posing as journalist once functioned as a middleman for a minister in getting government tenders approved.

In Concluson :

We went through the Mishra time line to find the news about arrested 11 ISI agents from Madhya Paradesh, but non surprisingly we didn’t find a single tweet about the news. This also show which direction this journalist is swimming.



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