Mob Violence And Modi’s Demeaning Silence

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Disguised as the saviours of religion and nationalism, they roam freely on the streets. They take pride in harassing, assaulting and lynching the minorities.

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They barge into the room of consulting adults just because they share a different religious identity. In their moment of glory, the turn into the judge, the jury and the executioners themselves and impart an instant justice, the one which is mostly based on the name of the accused. The speed and nature of their judgement shames even the creator himself and why would it not? As over the years, he himself has turned a blind eye to Gau-Hatya and Love-Jihad.

Normalisation of mob violence: This has been probably the most remarkable achievement of three years of Modi Government.


The Beginning:
On the night of September the 25th, 2015, over the rumours of consumption of beef, a mob of over a hundred people killed Mohammad Akhlaque Saifi in Bisara village near Dadri, Uttar Pradesh. Akhlaque was a father who sent one of his sons to the service of the nation, but unfortunately for these nationalists, religious extremism came first. A grave sin and a heinous crime against the humanity this was, but greater was the crime when the dead body of one of the killers of Akhlaque was draped in a tiranga by the villagers; That day it felt like someone had washed off the stains of Akhlaque’s blood on the tiranga and spilled it over the hands of the nation itself.

The nation expected its PM to come out strongly against the barbaric act of this unruly mob and take strict actions against them, but instead of this, he chose to remain silent. Not only his silence boosted the morale of this unruly mob, but it also left Akhlaque’s son betrayed by his own nation, the one in whose service he had pledged to lay down his life whenever and wherever the situation demanded.

The Trail Of Blood:
March 18, 2106: 15 years old Imtiyaz Khan and Majloom Ansari were hanged from a tree by Gau Rakshasks In Jharkhand as they were transporting cows purchased from a cattle fair.
April 2, 2016: In Kurukshetra, Haryana, Mustan Abbas was killed mercilessly by Gau Raksha Dal members.
June 2, 2016: In Rajasthan’s Pratapgarh, an alleged cattle smuggler was brutally thrashed by Gau Rakshaks. Once he fell unconscious pictures of his naked body were clicked and shared widely.
July 26, 2016: Muslim women beaten at Mandsaur railway station over the suspicion of carrying beef.
July 30, 2016: Muslim family attacked over the suspicion of cow slaughter in Muzaffar Nagar.
August 5, 2016: Dalits thrashed mercilessly for refusing to remove cow carcases in Lucknow.
August 24, 2106: Gau Rakshaks kill Rasheedan and Ibrahim, assault two other members of their family and then gang rape two girls from the family over the suspicion of beef.
April 1, 2016: Muslim cattle traders were beaten mercilessly in Alwar, Rajasthan by a mob, while the Hindu cattle traders were allowed unharmed. One of the traders Pehlu Khan succumbed to his injuries two days later.


The victim’s families are later harassed when they fight for justice and even if they somehow manage to get past this harassment, the chances of them getting justice for the dead ones are rare, as a mob has no face.

In the recent one, just two days ago, three men were lynched by a mob in Jamshedpur over kid theft rumours. Although a communal angle has been denied by the police, but, incidentally all of them again turned out to be Muslim cattle traders. The fourth one accompanying them was seen crying and begging for his life in a video but little did the mob heed to his cries.

This whole drama started around midnight when they were on their way to buy and sell cattle and continued till early morning. Three of them at first managed to run away, but were chased and later hounded by the mob. When police tried to intervene, then even they were assaulted by the unruly mob.
At different locations and in different incidents this unruly mob has been labelled a Vigilantes and Gau Rakshaks, but the heinous and barbaric nature of their crime falls nowhere short of an act of terrorism. An act of lynching is more than just a murder as it boasts of a public audience and a mob which keeps on thrashing someone mercilessly while the person begs for his life.


The question that disturbs me the most is who gave these people such powers that they are no more scared of the constitution? It’s because of the way in which some of the BJP leaders, especially the local ones, have come out in their support and more importantly the silence of our Prime Minister, the one that has robbed the law and order maintaining agencies off their powers and has distributed it onto the streets. It’s high time that he broke his silence as it’s his silence that is spilling blood on the streets.

The mobs, if not punished at the earliest, will go on to create a rampage and would very soon be countered by another mob which will eventually lead this country to the ultimate chaos.

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