Modi Effect : TOI removed poll results after it received negative votes on demonetisation


There has been constant controlling over Press media since few years, recently NDTV has to drop interview of P. Chidambarm  over ‘National Security‘ . Then Hindi news channel NDTV india was going to go off air for one day over ‘violating alleged national security ‘ but later the decision was dropped after huge outrage across the India.


Since demonetisation event started, it got into many controversies, Prime Minister Modi even shed tears to convince nation that his intentions are for better and clean India while giving speech in Goa after opposition alleged it was huge mistake and will effect Indian Economy and middle class / poor citizens.

PM Modi even carried a online survey on his NaMo app to convince nation that his move to demonetise is supported by citizens. But that too brought controversy as this survey doesn’t support the opinion of whole India as neither every Indian uses Internet and nor every internet user use NaMo app.

Just after survey conducted by PM Modi, The Times of India too started a online poll asking viewers their opinion about demonetisation, the options where as followed :-

  1. Good Idea/ Well Executed , 
  2. Good Idea/ Badly Executed,
  3. Bad Idea/ Badly Executed

But when the time reached for results, TOI deleted the link and the results were removed

TOI Survey Link : Poll


By the time they removed survey we managed to take screenshot of its result.


We don’t know why TOI took such step but our page followers alleged they did under pressure from government after getting negative results !

According to poll, 52% of people thinks the Demonetisation Idea and Execution both was bad.



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