Modi Government completed 3 years, Twitterati trends #3FailedYears


Three years of prime minister Narendra modi’s government are being completed. In these three years,twitterati trends #3FailesYears and exposes problems of government,naxalism, unemployment,crime etc..

Users have sumounded the modi’s government. Apart from this , Congress also termed the modi government as failure. Congress accused the communal Harmony,the loss of dalit sanity and brotherhood. In addition,Congress alleged that the government did not fulfill the promises made to the farmer’s,the promises of crop insurance scheme and minimum support price was not fulfilled too.


On Twitter,a user named Rajpurohit has written that 15 lakh rupees are those who were coming in the accounts of people. These people are started to fight the upper cast dalit after going ahead of Hindus and Muslims. Gaurav pandit written that crime against women is increasing.

Asha Hal tomta has written that 20 million jobs were promised from youth but unemployment is increasing steadily. The user named Reddy wrote that BJP is celebrating 3 years of completion but what has been done for the public welfare. Sirohi wrote that despite the content decrease in the cost of crude oil,the government increased the tax on the oil from 70 per cent to 150 per cent Shreyam Sharma wrote that Dr.Manmohan Singh never went to Pakistan,modi is going to attack Pakistan even after the attacks ,is it nationalism?

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