Modi government is worst government in last 10,000 year : Shiv Sena


Mumbai : Shiv Sena has been against Demonetisation decision since the beginning, but this time they called Modi government is worst government in India’s 10,000 years history.

Opposition is continuously giving tough time to Modi government on Demonetisation, but Shiv Sena is also not less than opposition. Shiv Sena attacked Modi Government today and said “This government is worst government in last 10 thousand year”and said this is a blunder of BJP that they think Demonetisation will end Corruption.


In Delhi an mid-age woman went undressed as RBI refused to exchange her old currency, by referring to the incident, Sena chief said that incident of a mother going undress is similar to Nirbhaya incident.

Shiv Sena said in their own daily editorial “Samna” , “We want to ask CM of Maharashta that he is on which side, note ban or agianst the women who went undressed due to system failure”. If government can’t see the trouble of women due to the cash ban then this is the worst government in last ten thousands years of indian history. He also said, if an women is not happy with government is criticising government and protesting by undressing means its failure of government and its similar to Nirbhaya kaand. It means government has made people helpless and they are forced to do this.


Party went on saying, If you think the undressing women is also a Desh Bhakti then you must go and see a mental doctor, such behaviour with women is only done by Talibani governance. If this women doesn’t open our CM eye who is supporting note ban then he is just a poput of Central government wit no power.



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