Modi Ropes People For Less-cash Life But Poor Fancy Cashless Life On Moon

Modi announced several reliefs aimed at the betterment of the country’s economic condition. He seems to have little concerned at poor’s condition.(File photo)

KANPUR: Every political leader makes his own standard. He likes to move ahead slickly. When our Prime Minister Narendra Modi stooped to adopt cashless society, the countrymen clapped with both the hands realising of their liberty from the tyranny of cash. But cash-stricken people quickly understood how could it be possible without deposits at the savings bank accounts?
For this purpose, they need to maintain necessary precautions.

This was inconceivable to labourers, daily wagers and farmers. It is their daily work which fetches them money helping them maintain daily meagre food. In case they fail to arrange money for daily needs, their lives turn out to be a joke. This can be perceived by only those who have to undergo such sting. So, it becomes quite hard for them arranging the extra amount of money to deposit in the account if any persisting.


One of our cabinet ministers said that several political leaders have gone penniless by the stings of the scrapped currency. But they are not reached to such a position where they could don only a dhoti and sit on the roadside for consuming foodstuff.

Modi announced several reliefs aimed at the betterment of the country’s economic condition. He seems to have little concerned at poor’s condition. Not long ago a veteran leader Dr MM Joshi stated that China called itself a factory of the world and termed India as the country of Munim. He exhorted Modi to work fast for reversing the Chinese control though he did not forget to jibe at the Congress Party’s ex-treasurer Sitaram Kesari by speaking publicly, “Na Khata Na Bahi Jo Kesari Kanhey Wahi Sahi.”

All the good facts and considerations appear to be mixing with seemingly basic controversies from every corner. The poor are appearing more convenient with scientists’ conviction. This belief affirms the existence of the frozen water in the crater at the southern pole. Even European Satellite Agency has indicated of availability of the water at the moon’s android belt. Then the poor are compellingly thinking when they could not amass wealth on the living planet their next abode would be possibly on the moon.


At least, they will be able to lead a cashless life there. The moon inhabitation will reduce this onus furthermore. Every inhabitant will feel free without circulation of paper currency on the moon. Not only the queues will be reduced to nothing but also the moon residents will enjoy every moment of life without worries and concerns.

We should settle down on the moon with confidence and the politicians should be sent to a French island where donkeys wear pyjamas in the winter season. They will sit on the back of the pyjama-clad donkey and take a hundred rounds of the French atoll.


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