‘Move to Canada’ is Google’s most search topic after Trump’s victory, immigration website crashed

(Google images)
(Google images)
People are searching how to move to Canada after Trump Presidency crashed its immigration website (Google image)

As Donald Trump became the 45th US President, apparently lots of people were trying to find out how to become Canadian.

Canada’s immigration website continually crashed under the weight of the traffic throughout the night on Tuesday 8 November as it became clear that Trump was going to win the Presidency.

The site displayed error messages to users saying the site could not be displayed.

 Searches for the term ‘move to Canada’ also spiked according to data from Google.



While many took to Twitter to say they wanted to move to Canada, some suggested that they should move to Mexico instead, citing Trump’s proposed border wall.

Canada also tweeted about its immigration policies just at the moment it became clear that Trump would be the next president



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