MP: Elderly woman accused Police for beating her During clash, Police Denies Claim


Day after farmers clash with law-enforcers in Phanda block of Bhopal district on Friday, police have been accused of mercilessly beating up an elderly woman under the pretense of maintaining law and order.

A report registered from phanda, a block of Bhopal district Kamla bai Patel (sixty year old) was being pulled out from her residential area by the police and they started thrashing her for the sake of maintaining law and order.

Police said that the lady was sheltering troublemakers at her place. But lady told media personnel that ‘ I was beaten up for no fault of mine. Chaos was generated in the respective area and people were running after shelter but police was grabbing people and thrashing them despite of age and gender suryakant awasthi.

Khajuri police station in charge being in the favour of police said that sixty year old lady kamla bai Patel is lying and the photograph submitted does not prove any such act. Police denies elderly old women claim Despite Kunal choudhary youth Congress president of madhya Pradesh said the photograph provides enough proof against police and case must be registered.

Source : HT



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