Mumbai Stampede: Authorities under fire after they ignored several complaints raised for pathetic condition of Elphinstone bridge


Mumbai: In one of the gruesome tragedy, 27 people died and several dozen injured in a stampede at the Elphinstone railway station today. Eyewitnesses said it was due to four trains arrival at the same time on various platforms made the commuters rush towards their destination but the bridge was crowded as many people were taking shelter from rain, some rumours of bridge collapse began on an overcrowded footbridge has led to the stampede.


Though this incident is a great tragedy, however there are signs of negligence from the railway authorities during former Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu as well as the present.

There were several warnings to alert the authorities, but seems it was either ignored or neglected. Check the below tweet which gave 4 warnings of stampede.

In a tweet which dates back to 2016 now going viral, a Twitter users K K Chandan, tagged PM Modi and Prabhu and wrote, “@sureshpprabhu @narendramodi Is central mumbai station ‘Parel’ awaiting a stampede?” with a photo of the over-crowded bridge at the station which proves the pathetic condition.

And this comes just yesterday when a railway commuter Santosh Andhale twitted to Piyush Goyal and Railway  authorities.

Since the incident, people are showing outrage against government’s poor and irresponsible governance.

“According to witnesses, four Trains came at the same time and due to the rain, A few commuters slipped, which led to the tragedy. There were more than the usual people on the bridge at the time, waiting for the rain to end.”
Railway spokesperson Anil Saxena told NDTV.

It’s also alleged that a short-circuit with a loud sound near the bridge was the reason for people to panic and they started running around.

The horrifying episode has created a social uproar. People had been complaining about the pathetic conditions of the Elphinstone Road since ages.

This one is from July, last year.

This is what pre-rush in Parel looks like. And, this is Feb’s tweet.

This incident in which several people lost their lives could have been averted but it seems that it was waiting to happen, and has happened due to clear negligence.


So many warnings but the authorities paid no attention at all. It was due to old and poor infrastructure that so many lives were claimed. Shiv Sena is asking for Piyush Goyal’s resignation and filed an FIR against railway authorities for their negligence and irresponsibility.

People report about poor traffic, poor infrastructure, corruption and other related matters through Twitter and WhatsApp to government department. Although many of these complaints are acknowledged, many are also ignored. At the same time, there is a feeling that even if the complaints are acknowledged, nothing on the ground changes.

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