Muslim family denied home for rent in Vadodara, living in hotel since 15 days


Vadodara : An Engineer in Gujarat searching for a house in Vadodara from last 15 days, He was working in Bengaluru and recently got new offer here so he came with family under impression all India is one and he can get house anywhere to rent.

India is a place where people live in peace and harmony, unity in diversity is India’s biggest power, with education and social gatherings, people mind sets are changing and they are accepting each others culture. But when he face this discrimination he was stunned with response from house owners, no body was opening door for this Muslim Family. It is very disappointing to get discriminated .


According to source the news came out when brother-in-law (Tabis) didn’t stopped himself from posting all this story on social media, while posting on facebook he exposed many things  including the mentality of current society in Vadodara, he wrote even after being educated people mentality isn’t change against Muslims. This kind of discrimination is not seen on socialmedia, here everyone is so closed and connected, but reality is different.People mentality hasn’t changed.

Tabis also wrote, “what a mentality people really having on the ground? My sister has shifted recently from Bengaluru to Vadodara because my Brother in law got a new job here. Currently company has provided hotel for 15 days and they are living in hotel and was searching for a good flat, so far they have seen around 30 flats but no body is ready to rent a flat to them just because they are Muslim.”


He also writes “A friend of my brother in law who belong to a majority community was also shifted along with him to Vadodara and he got a pent-house in just 2 days, while my brother-in-law is still struggling to finding a good flat. This is the condition of Gujarat’s Vadodara.”

Tabis said his brother-in-law is an aeronautical engineer and seeking a decent home in a decent society, whatever you are and how much educated you are doesn’t matter, if your name is Muslim that is enough to be denied for a room. All unity things can be seen on social media where people will comment like sweetly and also share few post about unity, but reality is totally opposite.

This isn’t a isolated incident where Muslims were discriminated in society, there are several incidents reported from across the country and to our amusement, most of this incident happened in metro cities.

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