Muslim Girl Trolled for Singing Hindu Devotional Song, Told ‘Your Parents won’t Achieve Heaven’

Suhana Sayed (Image: Nagarjun Dwarakanath/News18 )

Mangalore : A Muslim girl Suhana Sayed, 22, from Shimoga district was trolled on social media for singing a Hindu devotional song in a Kannada Reality show.

Suhana Sayed (Image: Nagarjun Dwarakanath/News18 )

Suhana performance on singing Hindu devotional song in Kananda singing reality show got her a standing ovation from the judges and the audience for her performance.


But few people didn’t liked it, Facebook page named ‘Mangalore Muslims’ on Facebook said in kannada: “Suhana you have shamed the Muslim Community by singing in front of men. Do not feel that you have achieved a great feat; Your parents have encouraged you for this and they also encouraged you to show your beauty to other men, they will not go to heaven because of you. Please give up the pardah that you are wearing as you don’t respect it.”

Here is Original Facebook Post:

Suhana was appreciated by reality show judges after hearing her singing a Hindu Devotional song very well, Judge appreciated her and urged her to become a symbol of unity between Hindu and Muslims. Kannada Music Director, Arjun Janya who was also present told her, “Your voice is really good; you have done a great job. By singing a Hindu devotional song you have become the symbol of unity and music is a medium where people can unite.”

Taken aback from the sudden attack impact on her, Suhana has gone underground and is not reachable. However, many have come out in support of her taking on the Mangalore Muslim page.



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