Muslim Imam Forcibly Made to Put Tilak by Alleged RSS Members


Nadol, Rajasthan : In a bizarre incident, a undated video has surfaced in which a Muslim Imam can be seen stopped by few men and forcibly made to wear tilak by alleged RSS members. In the video the Imam is seen pleading the RSS members to let him go, but they are threatening him if he disagree to wear the tilak, he wont be allowed to visit the locality again.


RSS Man : See it is like,

Imam : Listen, People offers Namaz Behind me…

RSS Man : Where do you live?

Imam : Nadol

RSS Man : You don’t want to visit Sardar Gate? [sic]

Imam : Yes, i have to come.

RSS Man : Do you want to do Trade or not?

Imam : Okay, i say no. tell me now?

RSS Man : If you don’t want to do Trade then return your tempo, return back.

Imam : Okay.

RSS Man : Don’t come again, Apply Tilak and release this man, he will not come after today.(Second RSS Guy)

RSS Man : You don’t have to come again, but We will apply Tilak Today.

Imam : No, No. Don’t force me.

RSS Man : We will apply forcefully.

Imam : No, Please don’t.

RSS Man : Whoever you want to tell go and tell, but today we will apply Tilak.

RSS Man : From today you are Hindustani Muslim (After Applying Tilak).

Imam : *Wiped it out with his towel* today you did what you wanted to do.

RSS Man : Today you have become Hindustani Muslim, keep it in mind.

Imam : Its all your love, nothing elss.

RSS Man : Today is first time what your Ancestor has said is coming out from  your eyes.

Imam : Listen to me, there is nothing in my heart, you are telling wrong.

RSS Man : Your Ancestor has committed sin.

RSS Man : In our India..

Imam : Everyone is Together, now your hate is out?

RSS Man : Laugh and let him go.

Watch Video Below

Irony of India team tried to reach Nadol Police but there was no response regarding this video.


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