Muslims donate to rebuild Home for Hindu victims gutted in accidental fire


Always people gossip about communal unrest but this time on the occasion of Eid, communal harmony and love was been witnessed in Murshidabad’s Samserganj where the 3000 Muslim villagers donated Rs. 49,000 to rebuild houses of the Hindu families that were stuck badly in a previous accidental fire.

With this kind gesture on saturday, the local Idgah committee secretary Lutfal Haque who urged the Eid congregation at the local mosque to donate money.

The Telegraph reported that, “At last count, nearly Rs 49,000 had been rustled up and distributed among the six families, whose 26 members are now staying inside the compound of a child welfare centre in tents provided by local authorities.”

The incident was worsening from thursday when the house was blazing while Phulkumari Bhaskar from burning firewood while cooking and soon spread to other homes, fed by a gas cylinder that exploded.  When Phulkumari was in grocery shop which was across the road, her nine year old daughter was caught in the fire when it started blazing. Phulkumari said, “I rushed to my house. By then, other villagers were also alerted and I raised the alarm. Thankfully, no one was hurt.”

Due to fire Santosh, 43 year old man was also left homeless, he says he was “touched” and described the donations as a “boon at a time of distress”. The report added the statement by the Block development officer Joydeep Chakraborty that the aid as “was a very good gesture.


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