Mystery Surrounds in MLA Vijay Mishra Nephew’s Death, Wife Accuses In-laws For Murder

Amit Mishra with his Wife Rushali and two kids
Amit Mishra with his wife Rushali and two kids

Allahabad : Amit Mishra (35), son of Ramji Mishra, retired CO and nephew of Gyanpur’s MLA Vijay Mishra who died on 19th April, has taken new turn. Initially it was believed that he had committed suicide but after the post-mortem report, it appears to be a murder case.


Amit’s father Ramji Mishra has filed a complaint against Amit’s wife Rushali in police station alleging his daughter-in-law is behind the mysterious murder. Although Rushali denies the allegations, and accused her In-laws behind the murder for property dispute.


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Complaint filled by Rushali, deceased Amit Mishra’s wife.


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Rushali said that on Tuesday morning, Amit had quarrelled with her and left the house in anger. At 11: 30 PM, he returned home in drunk state and started the quarrel again. She alleges, Amit had beaten her during quarrel to which she left the room with her children and went to sleep in another room.

She says Amit threatened to commit suicide by eating poison, he was shouting whole night. “Amit was shouting loudly that he would hang himself. After some time when I thought that he might have fall asleep, I reached his room. I was shocked to see he was hanged himself to the ceiling, When I scream for help, family members reached.” said Rushali.

She alleges her father-in-law gave 50-50 lakh rupees to his two sons after retirement. When Amit asked for his right, his voice was suppressed. She also accused her Brother-in-law (Pappu) has beaten Amit over property dispute.

According to Rushali, her in-laws are threatening her family with dire consequences. Police is still investigating, when they checked the CCTV footage, they have found that no body from outside had entered the home at the time of crime. Police yet to find any lead in this matter though they have registered a case of murder.



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