Neither Tejo Mahal nor Shiva Temple, Taj Mahal a Mughals tomb: ASI


Taj Mahal, a tomb, commissioned in 1632 by Mughal emperor – Shah Jahan, in loving memory for his beloved wife Mumtaz after she died, atleast this what we learnt in school text books. Until April 2015 , when a law suit was filed in Agra court by 6 lawyers claiming that Taj Mahal was a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva built by the name Tejo Mahalaya.


The petition also claimed that Hindus should be allowed inside to worship, perform their rituals and even questioned about the locked rooms in the monument.

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The court had issued orders to Central  Government, Union Minister of culture, Home Secretary and ASI to reply. ASI (Archeological Survey of India) on Thursday, however claimed that they had no such proof of mausoleum built on Lord Shiva Temple and also told in Agra court that petitioners did not have a locus standi in this matter and Hindus cannot be allowed to worship inside as it’s a scared place where Muslim offer their prayers and denied of presence of any temple in Taj Mahal.

As per available records right from the British period since 1904, the monument Taj was declared a protected monument by notification on December 22, 1920, ASI stated in its affidavit.

The name Tejo Mahalaya as stated never existed at the place of present Taj Mahal, the ASI said, according to The Times of India.

On August 10, the Central Information Commission has sought Union minister of culture to clarify on this issue. CIC commissioner Sridhar Archaryulu said that the ministry should put to an end to these baseless information and doubts regarding Taj Mahal.

The archaeological body categorically denied that no such temple or Shiv Linga as stated by the plaintiffs existed in the Taj Mahal.


It is specifically denied that the name Tejo Mahalaya mandir as stated ever existed at the place of present Taj Mahal and is being misrepresented and misconceived hence not admitted at all.The property in the suit was not usurped but was obtained in exchange from Raja Jai Singh.

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