No Value for PM Modi words, Cow vigilantes attack drivers transporting cattle in Assam

Gau Rakshaks attack cattle trader in Assam on July 2017.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his condolence about killing of Muslims in  the name of Cow by self-proclaimed cow vigilantes seems to have fallen on deaf ears. A group of self pro-claimed Gao Rakshak attacked a truck drivers transporting cows in Guwahati. The incident took place on Sunday (July 2).

According to source, a group of Gao Rakshak’s stopped three vehicles transporting cows and beat up the drivers on the outskirts of Guwahati while accusing them of cattle smuggling. Although they were carrying all the legal documents. This incident has took place near Sonapur some 30 km from capital Guwahati on 2nd july.

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Source says, the vehicles were coming from Tinsukia in Upper Assam when the members of the Hindu Yuva Chhatra Parishad’s unit stopped them  and asked the drivers to step out. The men then brutally thrashed the drivers accusing them of cow smuggling.


Bikash Bordoloi leader of ‘Hindu Yuva Chhatra Parishad’ said, “These people smuggle cattle across the border to Bangladesh. They transport them in miserable conditions. We caught them red handed yesterday. In one vehicle they pack 40 – 50 cattles where there is space for only ten animals. We found some of the animals had their limbs fractured. But police remain blind to their plight and take bribe from these traders. We confiscated the vehicle and reported it to police but cops came two hours late.”

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After the incident, Assam Police Director General Mukesh Sahay assured that a probe is being conducted into this incident and the culprit won’t be spared he said. However, the DGP also admitted that it was not possible for the police to prove adequate security to all cattle traders across the state and will be dealt with case to case basis.


PM Modi had condemn the growing act of Gao Bhakti in Rajkot last week, he said that killing of people in the name of cow protection is not acceptable. PM Modi’s remarks came amid a spurt of attacks by cow vigilantes and a wave of protests.

Delivering a speech to mark the centenary of the Sabarmati ashram in Ahmedabad, PM modi has condemn all this killing happening on the name of Cow Bhakti is not acceptable. But Irony is where he was condemning this in Gujarat a lynching happened in Jharkhand were a 45 year old trader was beaten to death by Bajrang Dal activist. A BJP leader is been arrested in that case.

PM Modi said, “Killing people in the name of ‘gau bhakti’ is not acceptable. This is not something Mahatma Gandhi would approve,” he said.

“No person in this nation has the right to take the law in his or her own hands,” he said.

A Muslim youth Junaid was killed on board a Mathura-bound train by people who taunted his family and repeatedly called them “anti-nationals” and “beef eaters”. This had raised outrage acorss country and people came together to protest in multiple city with #NotInMyName campaign against the recent incidents of mob killings. Which make PM Modi condemn the growing  crime on the name of Cow vigilantes.

“Violence never has and never will solve any problem. As a society, there is no place for violence,” Modi said.

Source : Indiatoday



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