Odisha: Baby dies when hospital nurses imitate 3 Idiots Movie plot for caesarean

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The Sai Hospital located at kendrapada district in Odisha, a mother named Arti Samal lost her baby due to nurses negligence and imitation from the movie 3 idiots.

Conducting delivery while coordinating with the doctor on phone let a huge cost of loss of a baby and mother’s uterus damage heavily and real life took a much more tragic turn. According to India today,  Dr. Rashmikant Patra, who was supposed to attend to Aarti, was absent from the hospital, and instead tried to guide the nurses through over the phone.

The mourning mother and father named kalpatru went to Kendrapada Town police station with her wife and deceased child to lodge a complaint against Dr Rashmikant Patra who was supposed to look after the childbirth but her absence made situation go awry.


Aarti’s husband Kalpatru Samal said, “When we contacted Dr Rashmikant Patra, he asked us to get her admitted in the hospital. He informed us that he is not present in the hospital but will coordinate with the nurses for proper care once we get her admitted in the hospital. He did not arrive even when the condition of my wife got critical. I don’t know who did it but my wife was operated upon and we lost our first baby. My wife’s uterus is also damaged. The nurses said that they had coordinated with the doctor over the phone and had given their 100 per cent. It is only because of their negligence of the hospital authority.”

IIC Bijay Kumar Disi said, “we will ask a team of doctors to see the damage caused and the actual reason of the baby’s death.”

The police are currently looking into the matter and a case of negligence has been filed against the doctor.

Sources: Asian Age



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