One of the Worst Elections for Muslim Candidates in UP, Here is the list of Candidates who Won


Uttar Pradesh : In Uttar Pradesh assembly election 2017, only 25 Muslim candidates able to grab the seats in out of 403 total candidates.

If you count total seat won by SP, BSP and Congress its 75 only, and out of 75 there are 25 Muslims who managed to sustain thier seat.


But, in 2012 election there were around 62+ Muslim candidate in UP Assembly, but this time only 25 which is a matter of concern for Muslim representation in UP Assembly.

Here is the List:

S No Name of the candidate Party Constituency 
1 Mehboob Ali SP Amroha
2 Zahid Beg SP Bhadohi
3 Mohammad Aslam BSP Bhinga
4 Mohd Faeem SP Bilari
5 Naseer Ahmad Khan SP Chamraua
6 Aaaslam Choudhary BSP Dhaulana
7 Nafees Ahmad SP Gopalpur
8 Abrar Ahmad SP Isauli
9 Nahid Hasan SP Kairana
10 Sohil Akhtar Ansari CONG Kanpur Cantt.
11 Mohammad Rizwan SP Kundarki
12 Yasar Shah SP Matera
13 Mukhtar Ansari BSP Mau
14 Rafiq Ansari SP Meerut
15 Haji Ikram Qureshi SP Moradabad Rural
16 Shah Alam Urf Guddu Jamali BSP Mubarakpur
17 Tasleem Ahmad SP Najibabad
18 Alambadi SP Nizamabad
19 Mohd Mujtaba Siddqui BSP Pratappur
20 Mohammad Azam Khan SP Rampur
21 Masood Akhtar CONG Saharanpur
22 Iqbal Mehmood SP Sambhal
23 Hazi Irfan Solanki SP Sishamau
24 Mohammad Abdullah Azam Khan SP Saur
25 Navab Jaan SP Thakurdara

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