Open Letter: ‘Mr Bhandarkar; I dare you, Make one movie on mob lynching’


**This is an open letter to Mr Madhur Bhandarkar(Bollywood film maker) by Mr Salman Nizami (Congress Leader)**

Dear Madhur Bhandarkar,

Before deriding a martyr of the distinction of revered Indira Gandhi ji, ostensibly to please the vainglorious people in power, those who scream nationalism without doing anything worthwhile for the nation’s progress, you should have once listened to your inner voice which must have at least once tried to stop you from this heinous attack on a nation builder, camouflaged as cinema.

During your childhood, when you were struggling to compete with the rich in an unequal world, Indira ji was making your way easier by eroding the many discriminations deep embedded in society. One such heroic step aimed at bridging inequality and fighting unemployment was bank privatisation. It catapulted a population of Indians from outright deprivation to the comfort of well to do middle classes. Green Revolution rescued the poor who slept hungry. Abolition of Privy Purse strengthened democracy and our sovereignty.


She endured bullets so that terrorism was eradicated and you slept in peace. Last but nit the least, instead of bromancing the prime minister of a hostile foreign power on Christmas day, she tore them into two pieces. Don’t defame this brilliant woman to appease worms from the BJP who are tearing our own nation’s glorious reputation internationally, by unleashing barbaric practices such as mob lynching of the minorities. She & her son Rajiv also sacrificed their lives to uphold India’s integrity.

I can understand you want to attract the attention of the ruling party,but defaming martyrs for the sake of movie promotion is abhorable. So be careful before you show rubbish about nation builders. And, by the way, do remember that the ones you are trying to impress have never done anything for the country, except spreading hate and fanaticism.

By the way, I dare you. Make one movie on mob lynching by Gou Rakshaks.


Salman Nizami

Disclaimer : This article is Sole opinion of Author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Irony Of India . The writers are solely responsible for any claims arising out of the contents of this article.



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