Opinion : Does Indians need Shivaji Maharaj Memorial or its for appeasing Voters?

The budget for the monument, coming up off Mumbai's coast, soared from around Rs 100 crore in 2004 to Rs 3,600 crore in 2016.


KANPUR: Which political party cares more for the masses? It is not hidden from the people. One party blames other and in turn that political party puts blame on yet another party. This cycle continues until fresh elections are declared and the leaders begin to make advantage of this imbroglio. If the Bhartiya Janata Party is intent into a statue erection project in Maharashtra, it was the same political party which used to accuse the Bahujan Samaj Party of building statues in Uttar Pradesh. The tradition returns with this proposed costly project.

The fishermen are protesting over this matter simply because of their fishing area will become narrower. The breeding spot of fish falls into the area which encompasses the circular statue. Their objection is closely related to their livelihood. What they used to get into the currents of the ocean will no longer be as much achieved by them. The present governments both at the state and the centre levels favour the proposed erection of the tallest statue. The ruling party’s rhetoric has reduced to not anything but for the grand grotesque statue.


What an idea by the ruling party! If the common people are bearing the brunt of demonetization which is said to be short-term pain, a similar pain is further going to hit the poor fishermen who survive on the income earned by catching the fishes in the deep waters of the Arabian Sea. The anguish of the deprived people does not reach the deaf ears of those sitting at helms of affairs. What is worth of the poor before the rulers are apparently clear now?


A Maratha who gave befitting resistance to the Mughals avoided the atrocities on the helpless people during the course of his battles would not feel at ease if the poor are not heard attentively. A huge amount of taxpayers’ money will be spent on the project. Initially, its cost was Rs 1000 crore which has now come to Rs 3600 crore. It seems the condition of the poor has not been considered properly. Whatever reports are coming affirms all is not well.

This 192-metre tall statue will certainly attract tourists in our country but how can the trend be not a perfect absurdity if the poor people are distressed. However, indefensible it is it cannot be defended. This can only be called unaccountable irrationality. It cannot be analysed by any logical formula either. What is the usefulness of erecting a structure over the poor’s occupation? One may ask with all the airs but one will not approve the cruel ugliness of it in any way.


We confusedly take a monotonous walk by discerning the entire environment as attractive, so as the politicians seemed to have indulged in a rambling mind in unsettling the Koli Samaj. The world’s tallest statue will be erected at a distance of three kilometres from the famous Nariman Point. How can the poor fishermen throw themselves into a dark future idealistically and randomly if they are failing to get their right to the livelihood? And in any case, one thing is evident; whatever charm the statue may present in coming months the politicians are not able to reach at an agreeable point in order to satisfy disgruntled parties.

The beauty and divinity of the waters recline in encircling its free run. Politicians are not being worried, not being conscientious, and not being like losing their project because of hostile conditions. They indeed cannot feel like the Nero who remained careless while Rome was burning. How could they tolerate worries of the poor fishermen where they were actually securing their source of livelihood?


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