Opinion : Is ‘New India’ About Hindu Rashtra or ‘Sab Ka Saath Sab Ka Vikas’ ?


Prime Minister Narendra Modi after UP’s supermassive, grand-slide victory said India will become ‘New India’, the Modi wave was back after failures in New Delhi, Bihar, West Bengal and Kerala.

But how many are looking this ‘New India’ under Modi-2017 ? The victory of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) in 2014 and the current UP’s Chief Minister has given rise to the  Hindutva agenda by marginalizing the minorities on a large scale; also with the help of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) or Vishwa Hindu Parishad.


The citizens being nonchalant about the present issues is blindly supporting these organizations. The word nationalism is being wrongly used in the name of religion by certain organizations to get the citizens captivated to form groups by ostracizing the minorities.

Let us start with focusing on nationalism and hindu rashtra; India’s changing scenario is day by day degrading the plurality and secularism oaths.

Many signs of concentrated attacks on the minorities is getting obscene; incidents by cow vigilantes lynching the common man like Akhlaq, Alwar case, beating Dalits of Uri (Gujarat) relentlessly, attacks on universities, mental and physical abuse of Kashmiris or North-eastern states, attacks on churches or mosques these kind of humiliation on the vulnerable shows the real form as of where our country is going and on the other hand the hindu population remains callous. The homicide or banning of authors, actors, singer and other intellectuals is what is been going on and adding to it spreading saffronization is rising, using the national flag as the symbol of their brand by presenting marches of Tiranga yatras or celebrating Hindu year and naming it as Hindu nationalism this has been the long term strategy of BJP and RSS in polarising.

When it comes to a country like India which has enshrined its multiple identities of Malayalies or Punjabi’s or whatever; culture is open to all global influences. The cultural and religious oppression and domination on minority is increasing. It is definitely not possible to make India full of hindu rashtra because practicing one book, one deity and one way is not acceptable.  India is secular, pluralist and democratic country where various diversities should be respected and accepted wholeheartedly rather than erasing them out of the nation.


The absurd audacious move by BJP MP presenting fallacies about Kerala’s festival proved to be detrimental to their image still they remain unfazed. Removing the culture of Bengali, Keralites, Assamese and other ostracized groups doesn’t make India better but is destroying the unity and this is the main aim of these particular organizations. A incident of celebration of Ram Navami is done in those areas also where it’s not counted or venerated like in Bengal.

Our government should work on the objective thinking rather than subjective or emotional, they should be candid having rational and honest in giving proper governance level so to improve the country. It could be the biggest fallacy if we will look upon a nation built of one religion, one caste, one way to follow; unity in diversity has to be followed so as to get peace for that love, compassion and respect should be given irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender or race. Preserving cultures, traditions or language of indigenous people is also essential. As a citizen we should spread humanity and work on humanitarian basis.

(Disclaimer : This article is solely an opinion of the author)



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