“our condition is bad here”: CM Vijay Rupani in alleged leaked phone conversation


Gujarat: As the Gujarat l elections are coming near by, different videos and photos are viral on social media and from one of them is of Gujarat’s CM Vijay Rupani where he says the condition of the BJP is very poor in the upcoming state elections and it is becoming difficult to woo the voters of the Jain community in Surendra Nagar and here by he is talking to Naresh Sangitam from Surendra Nagar in that clip.


In his conversation he claims that he is the only Jain Chief Minister in the country and also heard saying that PM Narendra Modi had called him up and told him that he made a Jain the Chief Minister even though they made up only five per cent of the people in Gujarat.

Irony of India couldn’t verify the  authenticity of the viral clip but it indicates the BJP’s desperation and many news websites have also carried the clip. One of the readers forwarded this clip to National Herald.

Watch the audio-video clip here

The following is the conversation between CM and Naresh which happened in Gujarati and its translated into english:-

Naresh: Yes, yes..

Vijay Rupani: one minute, there is an important call.

Naresh: Yes, Sahab! Jai, Jinendra.

Vijar Rupani: Namaskar. Jai Jinendra

Vijay Rupani: Naresh Bhai, we don’t have to fight within ourselves, we must regain our form. Because, there is only one Jain Chief Minister in the entire country.

Naresh: Absolutely.

Vijay Rupani: Narendra Bhai had called me, he said, there are not even five per cent Jains in Gujarat, still we made a Jain the Chief Minister. Were the Jains of Surendra Nagar ready to support us?

Naresh: yeah, why not?

Vijay Rupani: Our condition is bad here, mine is even worse.

Naresh: We will not let your condition deteriorate. We will support you.



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