Pakistani High Court Allows Indian Woman “Uzma” to Return Home


The Islamabad High Court finally allows “Uzma”, Indian Woman, to returm home back to India. High Court ordered Tahir Ali to return Uzma’s original immigration papers back to Uzma. The High Court also ordered that police to provide security to the Indian woman till the Wagah Border Crossing

Uzma, in her petition alongwith a medical report, showing that her daughter was suffering from thalassemia – an inherited blood disorder characterised by abnormal hemoglobin production as reported by media. She accused a Pakistani man of forcibly marrying her and alleged that her travel documents were stolen by Tahir Ali.

She sought refuge at the Indian mission in the after accusing a Pakistani man, As TheHindu reported, Uzma said she met Tahir Ali in Malaysia when she was there for two months last year.  He was very soft spoken and seems good. When she returned back to India, Tahir asked me to visit Pakistan. He sent me the sponsor letter and legal papers.


The HC assured Uzma, who hails from New Delhi, that she was free to return to India at any point and would be escorted to the Wagah Border with police security, Dawn newspaper reported.

During the hearing, the judge asked Uzma if she wished to speak to her husband but she refused.

Source : News18


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