People close to Govt. invested Black Money in properties : Source

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Hyderbad: Politicians and Ministers already knew the steps Govt. is going to take to curb black money. They had started investing black money since the money of August itself. They got their money invested through Muslim leader in purchasing properties in Bangalore and Chennai.

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It is learnt from reliable sources that a Minister of BJP Govt. has succeeded in investing black money through a Muslim leader so that there is no suspicion.

The details of the investment made in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are being collected. The country knows very well the faces who are very close to BJP. There are some leaders who apparently oppose BJP but their opposition benefits BJP. BJP Ministers have made investments at various places through these secret leaders to protect their black money. The cancellation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes will not affect such people. By cancelling these notes, common people have been targeted. The culture of purchasing votes through notes is gaining popularity. Black money has become essential for political parties and politicians.

Source – Siasat News


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