PM Modi Condemns Manchester attack, But Not Jamshedpur lynching and Saharanpur Violence


“Words may sting however, silence is the thing that breaks the heart.” Starting with this quote I’ll approach the full clarification of truly occurring around us.

It’s been a period since a gathering of Muslim dairy ranchers from Mewat, Haryana, were barbarously thumped in Alwar, Rajasthan, when they were en route home from the Jaipur Pashu Mela (animals reasonable).

Pehlu Khan, 55-year-old, was lynched so gravely that he capitulated to the wounds maintained on that Saturday evening by Monday night, breathing his rearward in a healing facility in Alwar.


Even as the country is grieving, shocked though it is over the newfound normality of cow vigilantes inflicting violence on ordinary Indians, particularly Muslim cattle traders, Prime Minister Narendra Modi remains blissfully unmoved by the tragedies befalling his own countrymen and women.

However, he rushed to express despondency, we trust earnest, over unexpected occasions on foreign shores. PM Modi, for instance, squandered no opportunity to tweet his sympathy for the Stockholm fear assault which occurred on April 7.

As Prime Minister’s custom is to take any worldwide disaster on Social Media, he again condemned the fear assault in England’s Manchester amid a pop show before the end of last night by US Singer Ariana Grande, in which 22 individuals have kicked the bucket and more than 50 harmed.

Prime Minister said in a tweet, “Pained by the attack in Manchester. We strongly condemn it. Our thoughts are with the families of the deceased and prayers with the injured.” The announcement coming not long after the suicide assault in a stadium in Manchester, in which the speculated suicide plane is likewise accepted to be murdered.

Back home, be that as it may, the groups of the seven casualties of crowd lynching in BJP-run Jharkhand’s two areas are yet to hear an encouraging word from their Prime Minister.

Even Saharanpur violence is not covered by our Prime Minister seems like pessimism is wining over optimism, because foreigners are receiving more optimistic level from our Prime Minister than us.

On Thursday a week ago, Naim (35), Sheik Sajju (25), Sheik Siraj (26) and Sheik Halim (28) were lynched to death by a horde which associated them with being tyke traffickers in Shobhapur and Padnamsai towns close to the mechanical town of Jamshedpur.

Hours after the lynching of the four Muslim men, a comparable occurrence happened 25 km away in Bagbera where the swarm beat Gautam Verma (27), his sibling Vikas Verma (25) and their companion Gangesh Gupta to death as cops viewed.


An Indian Express report today said both the lynchings were not just seen by an enormous swarm of irate tribals, additionally by many policemen, including senior officers.

The two lynchings occurred after bits of gossip spread on the informing administration WhatsApp, asserting packs were hijacking and executing youngsters for their body parts.

The lynchings have stood out as truly newsworthy since they happened. Recordings and photos indicating one of the casualties – beaten and bloodied – asserting blamelessness and arguing for his life, have been broadly disseminated on TV, in daily papers and by means of online networking. However, there has been no expression of solace to families or activity from PM Modi.



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