PM Modi in Trouble ? Child Rights Commission Asked Modi to Provide Adoption Documents or Apologies


Uttar Pradesh : A day after Modi’s dramatic statement of ‘U.P.’s adopted son’  during his election campaign in Uttar Pradesh, things certainly went wrong.

According to our sources, UP State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has sought legal documents from Prime Minister Modi to prove his claim of adoption by someone in UP.


The commission has asked PM Modi to provide the documents within seven days and failing which an apology has been sought. Further, if legal documents are not submitted the adoption will be deemed illegal and against the spirit of The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015, the commission said.

In the notice to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the commission has stated that it has taken suo-motto cognizance of Modi’s statement from media wherein he has mentioned that he was adopted by UP. The commission termed the statement a direct violation and against the spirit of The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015, Chapter 8 Section 56 to 73. In these section the constitution has defined the process of adoption.

Letter Copy :


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On Thursday, during an election rally in Barabanki, Narendra Modi has stated “Lord Krishna was born in U.P. and made Gujarat his karmbhoomi (land of work). I was born in Gujarat and U.P. has adopted me … Uttar Pradesh is my mai baap. I am not the son who would betray his mai baap. You have adopted me and it is my duty to work for you.”





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