PM Modi Pen cost 1.3 lakh, yet he calls himself a Fakeer


New Delhi : Social media was buzzed with a viral post about PM Narendra Modi’s using expensive pen. When we searched for which pen PM Modi uses we found it listed on Amazon India costing Rs 1,30,000/-

Amazon India

According to a report published in 2013 on India Today , He uses a Montblanc pen which is one of his favourite fountain pen.

A book authored by Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay on Narendra Modi titled  “Narendra Modi – The Man. The Times“. says,  “Modi has a weakness for designer fountain pens – Montblanc in particular…also likes to wear premium designer watches“, and adds that his favourite brand is Movado, a Swiss luxury watch company.

While buying pens, we can just think of spending hundreds or thousands on it, but mostly common people would be ending up buying a Rs50-100 Rs Parker pen. We the common people can never think of shelling out lakhs of rupees just for buying a pen.But Narendra Modi does, thanks to his love for classy Montblanc pens.

PM Modi uses a special imported pen, because it’s one of his hobby of  collecting pens. He has different brands of pens, but Mont Blanc always remains his favorite.


Being a PM he is entitle to use constly things, there should not be our concern,  but he claims to be a Fakeer(Monk)  which raises question. Using pen of 1.3L and wearing suit of 10 L calling self a fakeer is contradicting his own words.

A month ago, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on 3rd Dec took a dig at Narendra Modi for his ‘fakir’ remark and said the PM calls himself a Fakeer, but wears a suit worth Rs 10 lakh and tours the world. Once adressing a public rally in UP modi called himself Fakeer.“Modi ji, you are a fakir? Everyday, you wear four new pairs of clothes worth Rs 10 lakh and tour the world. People have lost trust in your words,” Kejriwal tweeted.

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