PM Modi pitches for farmers in Bengaluru while BJP ruled States farmers dumping TOP(Tomato,Onion,Potato)


Bengaluru : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his recent visit to Bengaluru claimed while addressing a rally said “Farmers are my top priority, and by TOP, I mean: Tomato, Onion, Potato.”
The Prime Minister also continued his pitch to the farmers, the focus, he indicated, was also evident in the party’s choice for the top job in the state — BS Yeddyurappa, who headed the earlier BJP government in the state.

“If farmer’s son Yeddurappa becomes the Chief Minister, the Centre’s MSP (minimum support price) scheme will be highly successful because he knows the problems of the farmers,” he said.
While the PM and BJP are trying to be champions of farmers, the state of farmers in BJP ruled states are even bad.

In chattisgarh due to falling tomato prices after demonetisation farmers threw away 20 trucks of tomatoes on the street leading to La Tomatina like situation. The farmers were angry after prices fell from Rs20/kg to 50 paise /kg.

Onion farmers from Gujarat’s Amreli and Bhavnagar were in distress due to sudden crash in prices. Angered hundred of farmers have thrown onions on the road. UP government also faced embarrassing situation as quintals of potatoes were dumped by farmers outside the Vidhan sabha and CM ‘s residence. The farmers complained they were only getting Rs 3-4/quintal while they were expecting Rs10/quintal and government is not doing anything to help them.

The situation of farmers in BJP ruled states is unsatisfactory, PM taking a dig at congress government in Karnataka is ironical. The Kartanaka CM responded by welcoming him to the country’s startup and innovation hub. He also urged him to find time to solve Karnataka’s drinking water needs and solve Mahadayi issue.


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