PM Modi sent condolences to Turkey on terror attacks, no words on 111 Indians death : Twitterati reacts

AP Photo/Saurabh Das, file
AP Photo/Saurabh Das, file

Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday described the terror attack in Istanbul as “barbaric” and said India stands by Turkey in this time of grief. Few Twitterati questions that when India is going through a disaster created by Demonetisation. When more than 111 people died so far due to Note ban, Modi ji seen tweeting and condemning Turkey terror attack. Nothing wrong in standing by and condemning such attack but what about issues happening in our own country?

Above two tweet for Turkey night club attack was in support of Turkey government and showing sympathy to those who got killed. Attack took place yesterday night during new year eve, Thirty-nine people, including foreigners, were killed when a gunman stormed in a Istanbul nightclub.


Twitter users and his political opponents were quick to highlight the irony in his tweet by pointing out how the PM had not posted a single tweet of condolence on the deaths of more than 100 people due to his decision to restrict people’s rights to withdraw their own money from banks.

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