PM Modi will not work for poor, Don’t vote for him, Amit Shah’s translator creates embarrassment


In a hilarious turn of events ,people were surprised to hear BJP president ‘s translated speech where in he says that Modi will destroy the nation .”PM Modi will not work for poor ,Dalit and backward communities .He will destroy the nation .Dont vote for him”read out Prahlad Joshi who wrongly translated Amit Shah’s Hindi speech to Kannada .

BJP’s campaign woes seem to be never ending because of language problems .Hindi speaking senior party leaders are facing dire challenges while addressing rallies as many people in the southern state do not understand Hindi .Addressing a rally in Davengere Amit shah attacked Siddaramiah government ,calling him anti poor but the people where surprised to hear the translated version by Prahlad Joshi which was “PM Modi will not work for poor ,Dalit and backward communities .He will destroy the nation .Don’t vote for him “

BJP spokesman Vamanacharya told reporters “Its true that Kannadigas are not able to understand Hindi speeches of senior leaders .Anant Hegde is doing the translation in most rallies and in his absence Prahlad Joshi .”

This is not the first instance when BJP leaders have had language issues while campaigning in the southern state .Earlier in February when Modi addressed a rally in Bengaluru in Hindi ,many people did not understand his speech .In chitradurg rally Amit shah asked in Hindi to the people if they want to Yedurappa as the next CM ,unable to understand the language people answered in negative .

Similar embarrassing incidents occurred when UP CM Adityanath and Home Minister Rajnath Singh addressed election rallies in Hindi .One of the Kannada translator who had worked with BJP in the last election disclosed that this time the party was using local party members to translate adding to lot of embarrassing incidents .

Another video went viral last week where BJP chief Amit Shah left his Chief Ministerial candidate in Karnataka, BS Yeddyurappa, embarrassed with a slip of tongue, and quickly corrected himself. But that didn’t check the rapid circulation of the video clip on social media, mostly by Congress supporters. Rahul Gandhi tweeted the video.

He wrote, Now that the BJP IT cell has announced Karnataka elections, time for a sneak preview of our top secret campaign video! Gifted to us by the BJP President, our campaign in Karnataka is off to a fabulous start. He says Yeddyurappa ran the most corrupt Govt ever… True.



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