Prabhu! Spare Poor Passengers From Extra Cess Post-Note Ban Trials

The losses on the passenger side have been compensated by freight rates, Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha said in a written reply. (PTI)

KANPUR : Train passengers may have to shell out more as Railways is mulling increasing fares in a bid to raise resources after the Finance Ministry rejected its proposal of a special safety fund.However, the proposal did not find much favour with the Finance Ministry and it asked the Railways to raise resources on its own by raising fares. According to the proposal, a safety cess will be levied to generate funds for strengthening track and upgrading signalling system and elimination of unmanned level crossings among other safety-related works to prevent mishaps.

What a proposal! It is by none other than Prabhu. He is no longer rail-god if he proposes such terrible waifs and strays. The railways’ safety measures are inadequate which ultimately bring accidents to our dismay. But Prabhu does not mull over rectifying lapses strictly. He tries to find out a very odd way and majorly transfer the onus on the passengers by the probability of a hike in second class fare. What an apt recourse to fill the disappointment arisen out of finance ministry’s funding rejection. Directly and dastardly he stimulated to raise load on the poor passengers.
Although this proposed safety cess by the railways required as many as Rs 1.20 lakh crores for bringing improvements in various safety measures including track consolidation, upgrading signal system, the man less crossing has been a matter totally of the railways’ department yet it transfers onus on the general public.

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In absence of no other option since the finance ministry’s rejection of bail-out package, the railways has turned to the public. Opposing this proposed move a group of passengers maintained that this was one more anti-people step in the direction to get defeats at the ensuing assembly polls.
The finance ministry will make available 25% of the safety fund while the rest 75% will be procured by the railways. In this procurement, the common man will have to be a victim through fare augmentation.
What is this BJP government aiming for? Already burdened with heavy fare the second class passengers are not in a position to bear this further hike as several passengers keep up that we are shelling out more fare in comparison to low facilities. It is us who realise the hellish journey by travelling in the second class compartment. Prabhu! Have your compassion upon us. Spare us from the burden of extra enhancement.
Instead of bringing perfection in its engineering department the railways seems to have been going on the pattern of that formula where girls are told to learn self-defense tactics at the spurt in molesting and rape cases. The core issue is sidetracked by adding additional option.
Is it a safe stride for much-publicised better days or just another pace to compel the general passengers to leave travel by the trains and take knee-knocked feet’s assistance for covering the desired distance of the destination?

This proposal seemed a jolt enough to stumble down the second class railways passengers. It might be said that the deliberation on such kind of move, as a matter of fact, had been going on for quite earlier. Yet it is not like the demonetization tiresome decision which might be forgotten in a few months. Its impact will always disturb the minds of the public. They have only heard it recently from the different sources.
Of course, this plan looked more like a sinister and sensational suggestion that might have been a claim to the put the finishing touch to the posturing towards fare enhancement. When the finance ministry rejected the proposal for special rail safety fund, the railways thought it safer to divert the burden of another cess on the humble passengers.
That is why it can be undeniably a compact with the devil and to a greater extent Prabhu’s effective documented attempt to come to a composition with his policy makers. And now in the lurid glow of a sunset, the railways’ minister takes on those saffron colours which have made him another name ridiculous and erratic after various accidents and deficiencies on the tracks he girds up his loins to show up with a fresh mess or cess after the bringing the swacchata cess.

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