Public Laughing At Politicians’ Poll-Time Postures


KANPUR: Who turns humble during elections? Of course, it is the politicians as they observe this show of meekness will bring them a paying result for as many as five long years. Their humility goes to such an extent that they have begun to follow the code of conduct. Their conversation has changed quite modest with the people. They are approaching them with the folded hands and all the more paying attention to what is raised by the public. A supreme kind of respectability seemed to have arisen in their hearts.


Girding up their loins for the elections every contestant has started revisiting his constituency for seeking support. The ways can be diverse but he rarely forgets to pose like Sudama which is worth seeing for the amazed people. Even their bowing at the feet of voters is being viewed by the viewers in a popular TV programme Bhaiyyaji Kahin. Such genuflection was shown by the anchor in various cities like Kanpur, Lucknow, Etawah, Hathras and others. The politicians are stooping so low as it takes several seconds remaining in that posture.

One leader even accepted that this obeisance had become his daily routine and he was covering about ten kilometres per day in such exercise. Their expressions immediately take a turn and they realise the real value of common man at such a significant point of time. They remain ever ready to help and above all make contact with unending promises.

When people put a question: are your promises merely for befooling us? They make a prompt reply with this answer that we will not falter this time as we have been making promises since the past about seventy years. This is again a matter of bluff for several. Surprisingly enough, it is about seventy years have passed since the politicians are satisfying them with bloated promises. Now they come close to us with a plan of a fresh pledge for the next five years, said the disgruntled people.


Lawfully the politicians are given a strict code of conduct to prepare themselves for treading on right path. Otherwise, they move in their own particular free moods. Now their vehicles will no longer conk hooter, put party’s small flag and a convoy of SUVs. They will also be restricted from holding the public meeting or taking out a rally or a procession. These curbs will make them completely a law-abiding citizen.

When one prominent party politician was contacted to reveal his plan for the ensuing elections, he promptly replied, “Now, there will be no hawan, only service to the people.” But how could it be possible? He further stated that there was nothing incorrect in it. The time has come to prove our honesty from the bottom of the heart. A leader is nothing without people’s support. Only development aspects will be focussed, he added. Despite all the facts, we would remain uncontrollable in shooting verbal missiles at rival political party leaders.
Strategies are being discussed at the bosses’ level.

There must be a commander to sail the ship on right shore. Every political party has equipped with experienced commanders guiding us to adopt a safer passage for a purposeful end. Ex-member of parliament Atiq Ahmad, who has been given ticket from Kanpur Cantonment constituency, suavely said, “For me, Mulayam Singh Yadav ‘Netaji’ is the national president of the Samajwadi party while Akhilesh Singh Yadav is the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh”. How balanced answer it is! His confidence is reposed in both of them.

Such direct objective statements are surely coming from different corners but the voters are still disillusioned with false promises and pronouncements. Is the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ apprising the people of various programmes & promises, not setting up a pattern for direct dialogue with the people? But how can it be if politicians are diluting their vows with every passing day?

Is it wrong to say that our politicians have been habituated to use the political principles as a game of their own tactics? Do our politicians follow the realistic standards? If they are not following simple principles, they make a mockery of their assurances and promises. Their ever-changing manners and conducts have altered with fresh seemingly blank discussions in this time of scams, corruptions and double-standards.

Rahul Gandhi joined the account holders standing at the banks’ queues in order to popularise their woes and blues. The common people experienced the politicians’ support in their genuine problem. The elections should not be the only occasion for folding hands. The politicians turn lethargic when they assume power and behave like those egotistical royals who used to exercise ruthlessness on vulnerable masses. They certainly do not need empty promises. Crocodile tears cannot linger longer as people understand everything. They know how to calculate the policies distracting them.

We must accept that the elections bring stark realities of bewilderments and brutal or gentle surprises. The politicians easily comprehend of voters’ value on such real occasion. It is by dint of their experience they realise the clout of reality as a huge realism. So they do not tolerate missing any minute to approach the public for seeking the support which they are constantly presuming as nothing but a source of success.

In all this, politicians somewhere weaken in the strangest way to pursue norms. “Can you stumble on any question?” asks a contender from a voter looking out across the approaching crowd.


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