Puducherry : Kiran Bedi breaks traffic safety law to check women safety in City during Night


Puducherry : Lt. Gov. Puducherry, Shri Kiran Bedi is in media for her women safety check at night, she was lauded for her work, however many pointed one mistake.

In her tweet she asked women in the city to use PCR 100 for any concern.

But no media noticed that she and the rider was not wearing helmet, she has broken the traffic safety law to check women safety in city. She is Lt Gov of state and she has to be aware of the law and most importantly followed it without any exception. Wearing Helmet was made mandatory from 1st may 2017 across the state.


On 5th of Feb she has said and we quote “The government is committed to ensuring the safety of the people and also the people coming from other states as tourists. Women’s security is another prime concern of the government,” he said. Lt Governor Kiran Bedi is also keen on ensuring that the law and order in the Union Territory are being maintained properly, he added.”

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Once everyone pointed her mistake, she came out to defend herself with another tweet.”Not wearing helmet was a careful choice. Both wanted to appear vulnerable & wanted to see how we women driving a scooty at nite r looked at” (sic) she tweeted.

But most people did not wanted to believe her excuse and alleged she might have not wear helmet for photo ops, photo might have not come clear if she was wearing a helmet. Will Pudduchery Traffic police fine her for this act? Let us know in comment.

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