Punishment transfer for Two Delhi Police Constables for arguing with son of Arun Jaitley

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Two Delhi Police Constables Gajraj and Sunil were issued punishment transfers on Wednesday for questioning Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s son Rohan Jaitley for wrong parking. The incident happened on October 26 afternoon at Delhi’s posh Emporio Mall in Vasant Kunj. Rohan who is also an advocate lost his cool when a Constable Gajraj pointed out that his luxurious vehicle was parked on the wrong side in the busy Mall. Without knowing he was arguing with the Finance Minister’s son, the constable said he would issue a fine notice. Onlookers say Rohan was not obeying the Constable’s directions and that another Constable Sunil also came to the rescue of the colleague.

Due to Diwali season, the Mall was flooded with vehicles and people. Rohan’s vehicle’s wrong parking would have created chaos. After Rohan revealed his identity, the Constables were in a mood of retreat. Within hours Constables got punishment transfer to Police Lines. Transfer to Police Lines means they were taken from normal duties and would be posted inside office or desk jobs.

It does not require super human intelligence to understand that the Police top brass would have been pressured to issue punishment transfer to the Constables for challenging the Finance Minister’s son for wrong parking.

Though all crime reporters in the city were aware of the incident, due to Jaitley’s clout, media houses hushed up the news. Thanks to Social Media, in particular to the internet warriors Gaurav Pradhan and Mumbai based Advocate VB Singh this incident came out into the open.

Delhi Government’s Media Advisor Nagendar Sharma wasted no time in hitting out at Jaitley:


Finance Minister Arun Jaitley should find sometime from his busy schedule from Budget preparation and GST implementation to guide and advise his son to obey the laws. Moreover Rohan is an Advocate and he should not engage in arguments with constables, who were merely doing their duty.

Who was behind the transfer of the two Constables who got punishment transfer for doing their duty, that too during the busy Diwali season? Was this a Diwali Gift to them for doing their job? Who pressured Delhi Police top brass to issue punishment orders? Many such things happened previously too. The prodigal relatives of Ministers would indulge in such quarrels with poor constables in the field. Now times have changed. Even though this is a small incident, it tends to show the arrogant behaviour of relatives of people in power. This must change.

The latest on this is that that after Home Ministry’s intervention and the leakage of news in Social Media, the Constables Gajraj and Sunil’s punishment transfer might be revoked. Let lights remove darkness in the hearts.


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