Punjab: Unable to afford funeral Pyre, minor buried father’s body in backyard

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Bathinda : Manoj, son of deceased Surjit Singh, reached out to his relatives to seek financial help for his father’s funeral pyre but was turned down all. “I asked all my relatives to help me with some money but nobody did. I had no other option left.”


According to Hindu traditions which dictates that a person’s body, after his death, shall be burnt in a funeral pyre. In a shocking incident from Bhatinda, where a minor boy failed to pay the money required for his father’s funeral. He later decided to dig a pit in his compound and bury the body there.

Manoj’s father Surjit Singh, who used to work in the Homeguard department, had not been keeping well for quite for a days.

when asked, Manoj said “Our situation was so bad that we didn’t even have money to buy food or vegetables.”

Picture for representational purposes. (Getty Images)

Unfortunately, none from neighbour came to help the minor boy including relatives. Six days after Singh’s death, stray dogs dug up the pit as it was not dug more and pulled the body out. The shocked neighbours informed the Maur Mandi police station.

Boy told full story to the police, later police sent the body for post-mortem.

“Singh’s financial condition was quite bad. He would go to the local Gurudwara to eat his meals. This unfortunate situation has risen due to poverty.”

Sandeep Singh, SHO, Maur Mandi said, “Manoj told us that his father had been unwell for quite some time. Since the boy didn’t know much about rituals and also didn’t have money, he buried him at home.”

Source : News18



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