Raipur : Jail Deputy Varsha Dongre Suspended After She Revealed Alleged Police Torture of Tribal Girls


She also revealed that tribal villages were burnt and women raped in her post, which she later deleted.

But the tribals will not vacate them because it is their home. They too want Naxalism to end but the way the protectors of the country rape their daughters, burn their houses and send them to prison in false cases, who do they turn to for justice?” Varsha on her Facebook post which she later deleted.

Raipur, Chhattisgarh : Whistle-blower Raipur Central Jail deputy Varsha Dongre has been suspended for indiscipline on Saturday, reported ANI news, this suspension comes after she alleged that young tribal girls were tortured at police stations earlier which created storm in media, the Chhattisgarh government had earlier initiated a probe against her after she posted on Facebook that Naxalism will not end as a ‘capitalist system is being imposed in Bastar’ and tribals are being made to vacate their lands.


Dongre’s shocking allegations came on Facebook after the recent Maoist attack in Sukma, in which 25 CRPF personnel were killed. She also alleged that tribal villages were burnt and that women raped in her post, which she later deleted.


Earlier Senior government officials said that a team under DIG (Jail) K K Gupta has been formed to look into Dongre’s post. “The CM (Raman Singh) had also asked officials to refrain from making such personal remarks. She is aware of the rules in this regard, and will be asked to present her case before the inquiry team,” a senior government official said earlier before her suspension.

Varsha Dongre’s claims on Tribal’s torturing was also reported earlier

‘They were 14- and 16-year old and were given electric shocks on their wrists and breasts,’ Varsha wrote about human rights violations earlier, ” Why did they use third degree torture on minors? I have given directions for their treatment and necessary action”. She added.

Such allegations have been reported earlier too, in 2015, the NCW team found a total of 140 women prisoners lodged in Central Jail, Raipur, against a capacity of 80. They also found no female doctor in the jail, no armed guards to accompany the undertrials to court leading to inordinate delays in settling cases, and poor access to legal aid for the mostly illiterate prisoners.

22 year-old Kawasi Hidme was beaten and raped by the police in custody, she developed severe abdomen pain and vaginal bleeding. But during her time in Jagdalpur prison, when she sought medical care for this, prison authorities denied it initially.

2014 National Crime Records Bureau statistics have put Chhattisgarh among the States with the highest number of complaints – 3,105 — against the police for human rights abuses. However, only in 924 cases have judicial or magisterial inquiries been instituted.

Soni Sori is among others who alleged that during her imprisonment she  was sexually assaulted by Chhattisgarh police. By April 2013 the court had acquitted her for six of the eight cases filed against her due to lack of evidence.

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