Rajdeep Sardesai calls Arnab Goswami’s video speech on Gujarat riots ‘fekugiri’


Veteran journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai has called his former Co-Anchor,  Arnab Goswami’s claims of being in trouble while covering the Gujarat genocide of 2002 ‘fekugiri’ implying that there was no truth to the latter’s claims.


While posting an old video of Goswami, where he’s seen narrating how he was in trouble while covering the Gujarat riots for the NDTV in 2002, Sardesai wrote, “Wow! My friend Arnab claims his car attacked next to CM Res in Guj riots! Truth:he wasn’t covering Ahmedabad riots!!”

Interestingly senior journalists Rajdeep Sardesai and Arnab Goswami used to be colleagues years ago. This morning, Sardesai demolished his former colleague’s lie about covering the Gujarat riots of 2002 and Twitter had a field day.
In 2 tweets, Rajdeep Sardesai demolishes Arnab Goswami’s lie about covering Gujarat.

Tweeting with a link of a YouTube video with the title “Arnab Goswami talking on Gujarat Riot (sic)”, Sardesai said, “Wow! My friend Arnab claims his car attacked next to CM Res in Guj riots! Truth:he wasn’t covering Ahmedabad riots!!”
In a subsequent tweet, Sardesai shared the same YouTube link again and said, “Fekugiri has its limits, but seeing this, I feel sorry for my profession.”


In a video Arnab claimed he was attacked while covering the Gujarat Riots, he explains that men armed with trishuls attacked his car and asked for the identities of him and his driver. While Arnab had his press card to show, his driver did not, but he had a tattoo/imprint of “he raam” on his arm, which the mob saw and so allowed them to pass.

Goswami’s speech was apparently made in front of a crowd at Assam, when Congress was in power.

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The YouTube video has now been removed. Nalin Mehta and Sanjeev Singh, two senior journalists who used to work with Sardesai and who were on the ground with him to report Gujarat riots, testified that Arnab is lying.

Another twitter user tweeted to Sardesai saying, “If i am not mistaken it was you and pranav whose car was stopped? (sic)”, to which he replied saying, “That is correct. And Narendra Gudavalli”.

In another tweet, replying to a user who said he remembers how Rajdeep was gheraoed, Sardesai got into specifics like where the incident actually happened.
Arnab has not yet responded to Rajdeep sardesai yet.



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