Ravish Kumar befitting reply to his abuser who impersonated as IB officer

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Someone named Manish Somani from Ahmedabad (as mentioned in his facebook profile) sent abusive and derogatory comments to NDTV hindi anchor Ravish Kumar on his Facebook account, shockingly that person falsely impersonated as Intelligence Bureau officer, and also a Charted Accounted.

Screen shot of abusive comment posted by Ravish Kumar on his Facebook page

Ravish Kumar in his reply wrote, “I didn’t knew people from Intelligence bureau gives such utter grotty personal abuses on social media, and if the information given on his facebook timeline is true then people like him working for the country’s secret missions would be troublesome” ¬†further Ravish also urged to investigate about his claim and also questioned if someone has put intelligence officers after him to send abusive messages.


Ravish very disappointingly wrote that “now these kind of things are not new to me as I’ve faced it a lot and now I reply to others as “relax and let live”. ¬†He also says that “Manish Somani your alma mater being a prestigious one i.e. IIM Ahmedabad and projecting yourself like this would lead our country to a degrading terms and playing such games would also lead to country’s security being on stake and you may be the first from that college to join as in Intelligence Bureau and also a CA. Putting tag on others being a terrorist is what you like the most.”

And lastly he said that if anyone can send my message to chief of bureau then go ahead so that Chief of intelligence agency should appraise people like him and lastly added some screenshots of that comment.

Ravish Kumar quit Twitter few years ago because of abusive trolls, he faced several abusive trolls mostly supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for raising important issues which were critical against ruling government.

Original post from Ravish Kumar



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