Ravish Kumar’s open letter: ‘Dear PM, Please ask your followers if they’re planning to kill me’

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NDTV India journalist Ravish Kumar has written a scathing letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticising him for following people who use abusive and threatening language on social media.

Dear prime minister, if I start reading the text which was used to abuse me and some other journalists, then anybody would close his/her ears. The language used against women journalists is shameful,” Ravish wrote in the letter.

He has written the letter on his blog Naisadak and also posted the same to the official residence of the prime minister.


I’m sad you are alive”, is one among the many messages addressed to NDTV India anchor Ravish Kumar on a WhatsApp group. On September 22, Kumar had put up a post along with multiple screenshots on his Facebook page alleging that a group of people repeatedly add him to a specific WhatsApp group for the sole purpose of abusing him. These screenshots were from the WhatsApp group called “ऊँ धर्म रक्षति रक्षित:”.

Screen shot from Alt News

Kumar stated in his post that even if he exits the group, he’s added back after certain political events and abusive language is used to target him.

On investigation by Alt News, the abusers were identified as Niraj Dave and Nikhil Dadhich. Nikhil Dadhich who is followed by Prime Minister Modi and had celebrated Gauri Lankesh’s murder by tweeting – “A b*$#^ died a dog’s death” which created outrage on social media.

In the letter, Ravish asks PM Modi why he follows people like Niraj Dave and Nikhil Dadhich. He says when he had asked Dave to refrain from using abusive language, the latter wrote,” I am sad that you are still alive.”

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, Ravish says truth doesn’t remain truth once it has ego. He ends the letter by asking: “If you know Niraj Dave, Nikhil Dadhich and Akash Soni, then please ask them if they are planning to kill me.
If I have shown disrespect by writing this letter to you, then I would like to apologise.”

Earlier today Congress leader Ashok Chavan expressed concern over the safety of senior journalists Rajdeep Sardesai and Ravish Kumar who have been allegedly receiving death threats on social media.


Maharashtra Congress president and former chief minister, Ashok Chavan. (File photo/ Indian Express)

In the letter to to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra refers to the buzz on social media websites regarding the alleged threats given to the two television journalists by “a section of netizens who disapprove the views expressed by them in their respective programs.”

Stating that Sardesai and Kumar are “simply doing their job in a democratic manner”, the president of the Maharashtra unit of Congress asked the Home Minister to take immediate action to ensure that no physical harm is caused to the two journalists and to “hunt for those who are apparently fanatically minded enough to give such threats and book them under the law.

Ashok Chavan’s letter to Home Minister Rajnath Singh. (Source – Twitter/@ani)

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