Read, how ‘Being Indian’ reported fake news of 6000 cr surrender by surat Businessman

Laljibhai Patel did not surrender Rs 6,000 crore

In a post published on 14th NOV 2016 by popular Facebook page Being indian  claiming a Surat business man surrender 6000 cr after Modi crackdown on currency decommissioned .

Being Indian
Being Indian

But the fact is here.

Laljibhai Patel did not surrender Rs 6,000 crore
Laljibhai Patel did not surrender Rs 6,000 crore

Recently, an unverified report went viral on social media, stating that Surat-based diamond merchant and businessman (some have called him a builder) Laljibhai Patel had surrendered Rs 6,000 crore in cash after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s domonetisation move. Posts and tweets were flying across the online space congratulating both the businessman and the Modi for such an outcome of the November 8 surprise.

Well, guess what? Patel hasn’t and he has confirmed the same to the local media after he was approached for a comment on the rumours.

Modi had abolished old currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 on November 8 and the government has also put restrictions on exchange of old notes with the new one. Reportedly, as a result, people have found bags of money left unattended on streets across the country. Allegedly, Patel was also reported to have surrendered the money in cash in response to the ongoing situation in the country.


However, he denied any such action when asked for clarification by the local media. In a video that’s doing the rounds on social media, Patel says the reports are false and he hasn’t surrendered any money. “I am a diamond merchant and into import-export business. Mine is not a local business,” he said in Gujarati, adding that there’s no question of money disclosure.

In case you are wondering who Laljibhai Patel is, he is the man who bought PM Modi’s Rs 4.3 crore blue suit which was auctioned a few months ago.

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