Read Why Bhartiya Janata Party is different From Other Political Parties


KANPUR: Before putting his first step on the stairs of the Parliament building, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi touched his forehead on the granite staircase of the grand House in 2014. He even wiped his tears. But strangely enough, he caused the common people to cry and weep because of his note ban policy. They faced a lot of trouble in daily routine life. Not only have several poor souls lost their precious lives but also undergone severest hardships.

Resultantly, his party appeared to have lost much trust seeing the empty chairs at public meetings at different places in course of elections’ campaigning. We have experienced such situations in various spots in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and even Goa where assembly elections are due to take place sooner. Though he is still stressing upon ‘Parivartan’, his voice seems to have no impact on the minds of the people.

There are indications that the people who supported wholeheartedly the Bhartiya Janata Party in the Parliamentary elections are diverting to different directions. They think this party also holds just the same signs which other political parties profess. A group of people pointed out that there was no noticeable difference between the saffron party and another secular party. Everyone is aiming to increase its political supremacy and the Bhartiya Janata Party is not lagging behind in this kind of outlook.


Wherever the assembly polls are going to take place, Modi & Co. are contemplating on laying their hands on maximum wins so that their strength could rise. In the state of Uttar Pradesh, the BJP wants to acquire political power for its own particular reasons. Though extra tax burden by its central government may create several parallel agonies, the political bosses seem to think a fig in such an actual angle. Following the similar trend of various other political parties, it wants to remain in power as long as it can possibly be with the people’s support.

In the long-drawn promises through its bloated manifesto, the BJP assures the public so many things in order to lure their support. But considering over poor conditions of the have-nots, will it not possible to liberate them from the burden of the taxes at all levels? It is only then the parents and their wards will smile more, score more. They will also avoid engaging in cut-throat challenges and yearn to explore themselves on all sides.

Albeit the Bhartiya Janata Party leaders are very much committed and wanted to continue in power by winning the elections, yet they said nothing supportive in a maintenance of the social fabric. There has also been a tendency of fashioning it into a spin-off instead. Why do our politicians observe a two-minute silence on Bapu’s martyrdom day, they should practice daily silence in order to cut their unnecessary talks?



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