Republic TV used North Korean Army’s image for Indian National Anthem debate, gets trolled


On wednesday, Republic TV owned by Arnab Goswami screened a large scale background picture of live fire artillery drill conducted by North Korean military, for an opinion piece about Indian national anthem drawing comparison to Kim Jong’s UN propaganda state media.


The picture being depicted as background scene along with Republic Tv’s defence analyst Manoj Gaurav Arya who wrote on opinion based article defending his jan.9th’s tweet of national anthem row in India. And with that it didnt even provided a disclaimer stating “it was only for representation purpose”.

The same photograph was used on 2017 by international media to report about the isolated nation is conducting a live fire drill on its anniversary of foundation if military on april 25th,1932.

On January 9th, Supreme Court modified its order of mandatory of national anthem in cinema halls. While many discussions took place in news channel and during that period former major tweeted that, “as a solider one couldn’t expect him to stand for those who couldn’t stand for the national anthem.” His tweet was attracted by 1200 comments,5900 retweets and over 12000 likes.


In a impassioned tweet Major Gaurav wrote, “that man who guards the border believes in a cause and he believes in it deeply enough to stand in harms way while I send a tweet in middle of a debate or you snuggle up with a coffee and sit in judgement.”

Republic tv launched in May 2017, is mainly known by his editor in chief Arnab Goswami and his style of questioning by demeaning everyone has earned his fair share of supporters and detractors. It’s funded by Rajeev chandrashekhar a independent member of parliament from Karnataka and vice chairman of BJP led NDA wing in kerala. The channel now accused of being depicting jingoism and biased views on his show.

A unclear comparison with North Korean state’s TV , mouthpiece for the country’s supreme leader Kim jong Un, caught on after former BJP union minister Arun Shourie in a interview in 2017 drew parallels with Indian TV channels. Republic ultimately relented and changed its story cover but an archived version of the page could be viewed.

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