Rohith Sardana spreads lies to incite communal violence ,Twitterati called him #दंगाई_सरदाना


On Republic Day clashes erupted in Kasganj ,where Muslims were celebrating Republic Day after ABVP workers took out a bike rally in a Muslim dominated area and started shouting provocative slogans .

While Muslims in Budan colony where preparing for the flag hoisting ABVP’s ‘Tiranga Yatra ‘ had the bikers carrying saffron flag and started shouting ‘Hindustan Mein Rehna Hoga, Toh Vande Matram Kehna Hoga’ (If one wants to stay in India, he has to chant Vande Mataram).
“This led to clashes between the two groups that finally resulted in the stone pelting. Following this, an exchange of bullets took place in which Chandan Gupta, 22, who was part of the bike rally, died after he was fired in the chest. He succumbed to injuries on the spot.

A Muslim youth Noushad also received bullet injuries on his leg and has been admitted to a hospital in Aligarh,” said a police officer on the condition of anonymity.While Kasganj was simmering with violence ,AajTak journalist Rohith sardana took on the task of further igniting communal flames and spreading lies .He in his show claimed that while ABVP was chanting Vandataram and BharatMata ki Jai ,the muslims shouted ‘Pakistan zindabad ‘without any evidence .He further claims that the Muslims objected to hoisting the Tricolour flag and questions their patriotism .He maanages to paint the community as antinationals and Pak supporters while in reality the video shows no such slogans and the Muslims only objected to the saffron flag ,not Tricolour .

Rohith’s lies were called out by twitterati and other journalists .People took to Twitter to expose his lies and propaganda ,accusing him of inciting riots and called him dangai sardana .Many have blocked and boycotted AajTak .Senior journalist Abhishar Sharma made a video where he cleared the misconceptions about the incident and called out Sardana’s bluff .It’s to be seen if this journalist will mend his ways and apologise for spreading lies or will continue to spread lies and flame communal fire .

APB News anchor Abhisar Sharma has exposed his lie :

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