Rs 10 Crs seized from a car in Maharashtra, money belongs to Pankaja Munde’s sister Co-op bank

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Mumbai : Yesterday police had seized 10 crore (in old notes) and 10 lakh (in new 2,000 notes) which belonged to a Vaidyanath Co-operative Bank where Pritam Munde, the daughter of BJP Leader Gopinath Munde is the director. When reporter asked Punkaja Munde on this incident she denied the claim and said the money was transporting from Ghatkopar branch of the bank to Pune.

She claimed bank has all the details of cash seized. The cash which was stashed in jute bags amounting 10 Cr and 10 Lakh was seized from a car on Thursday by Mumbai police.


According to source, police grew suspicious when the cash was found in bags , cash belonging to banks money are transported in sealed boxes with security personals which was missing in this case.

Notably, Pritam Munde, the daughter of BJP Leader Gopinath Munde is the director of Vaidyanath Urban Cooperative Bank. Police said “We are verifying their claim and will seek help from the ,” Mumbai police spokesperson and DCP Ashok Dudhe said.

Full Story:

  • Mumbai police caught a car at Ghatkopar area with 10 crore cash in bags, car was moving toward Pune from mumbai.
  • Car has old notes of 10 Crore and new currency of 10 lakh.
  • This raid was done by ED and IT department officials.
  • Seized note has 10 Cr in 500 old notes and 10 lakh with 2000 new currency
  • According to DCP this raid was took place on intelligence report, and all cash was seized from car.
  • Three man was cough in seized car and when police interrogated them, they claimed to be employee of a Pune based Gramin Bank.
  • Out of three one is a branch manager of ‘Sahri Sarkari Bank’ and other two are bank employee.
  • Police is investigating the issue.

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