Rs 16.25 Cr spent on vehicles rent for PM Modi’s Lucknow Maha rally, White Money?


Lucknow  : The New Year’s Monday started with a massive rally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lucknow, every street in Lucknow was beefed up with high security. According to reports there were around one lakh BJP supporters gathered to greet PM Modi in Parivartan Rally.

After note ban, to attract huge number of crowds for PM Modi’s Maha-Parivartan rally, BJP has spent a huge sum of Rs 16.25 Cr on just vehicle rentals. According to Lucknow traffic police data acquired by Navbharat Times, to bring huge crowd BJP has rented nearly 10,000 Buses and 50,000 mini vans. If you calculate the average cost of these many vehicle it will come around Rs 16.25 Cr just on transportation. There are other expense also like Pandal, Stage and chairs.


Vehicles came from various cities of UP, many had to travel upto 250 KM, in this type of travel for one vehicle the rent would be Rs 10,000 if we multiply this with 10,000 busses  then it will cost around Rs 10 Cr, and for the mini van the average rent in Rs 1200 per day. If we multiply this with 50,000 vans then it will be costing around Rs 6.25 Cr. When we calculate the total expenses on bus and van rent, then the total amount will be not less than Rs 16 Cr spent only on transportation.

According to BJP spokesperson, all busses and vans are not on rent. Many busses and vans belong to party leaders and supporters, but they’ve also accepted that there are many busses and vans hired on rent. According to transporters this rent is less as it was used for rally.


Above expense are only calculated for transportation, to make a big Pendal and stage would also cost in few Crores. Source also said there were lakhs of chair arranged, if you calculate R 50 per chair which is minimal then it will cost 50 lakh to 1 Cr.

News Source : NTB


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