RSS affiliated ABVP creates ignonimous history in Kerala Varma College, Thrissur


Thrissur, Kerala: In Student Union Elections at Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur RSS affiliated ABVP got zero votes for a seat. To add to their shame they won zero seats in the entire Student Union Elections.

The left-wing Students’ Federation of India (SFI) won all 13 seats in the Union. Apart from the Students Union seats, elections were also held to the Secretary posts of various Department Associations. SFI won 16 out of the 17 Department Association Secretary posts.

The remaining seat – Secretary of the Mathematics Association – was won by the All India Students’ Federation (AISF).

KS Sanjay Krishna from SFI was elected as the Students Union Chairperson, defeating the ABVP candidate by more than 450 votes. MM Meghna was elected as Vice-Chairperson, KM Adithyan as General Secretary and K Shruthi as Joint Secretary.

While talking to the students of college it was found that even ABVP members did not vote for their own candidate. A student on pretext of anonymity informed that ABVP members have been known in the college for spreading hate and violence among students and while other students involve themselves with issues of student welfare and college, the ABVP members are known in the college to create commotion in lines with their political inclination. They have expected ABVP candidates to lose but they found it interesting when their own members did not vote for them.


SFI activists alleged that ABVP had transferred votes to the AISF, triggering the peculiar results in the Mathematics Association. The AISF candidate received 74 votes while the SFI candidate polled 59 votes.

Verily the future of country lies in hands of our students and they seem to exercise wisdom in involving themselves as leaders and rejecting thoughts that create tension and friction in society.

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