RSS is Religious Org Only on Paper, they Run Government


KANPUR: Whatever one should think of the Rashtriya Swyamsewak Sangh, it is now controlling the party at the helm of affairs at the Centre. It even runs a Muslim wing of its organisation. It is finalising the assembly tickets for the elections. Sangeet Singh Som & Suresh Singh Rana could be obvious instances of the saffron theory dominating in today’s politics. The bold view expressed by the BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj evidently clears the saffron standard degrading the Muslims in the Indian composite society.

What the Congress negated at the time of independence has no meaning in present-day’s political parlance.If its principles are still making way slowly into the government’s schemes there is no discernible confusion over it.

Although we come across a description of a slew of terrific revelations in this marvellous research work yet the Sangh’s most treasured values are seeping into the party running with the theory of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas. Open exposure of the RSS ideologies may be acerbic for the secular-minded political parties but these would percolate into the political affairs.

On RSS and Sangh Pressure only last week MP Government had asked its educational institutions to hang Modi and Vivekananda Photo frames on walls without any excused, Government issues strict guidelines too.


Even Rajasthan govt asks public libraries to keep the entire work of RSS idealogue, there are  361 libraries in state of Rajasthan which are managed by govt, it has been told to feature Deendayal Upadhyaya’s ‘Sampoorna Vangmay’, a 15-volume compendium, to push his idea of ‘Ekatma Manavvad’.

Long-lost materials containing a fanatical ideology must be read by the post-independent generation. What had been cleared out by the Sangh’s sah-pracharak M S Golwalkar showed his mind and his devotion to the organisation? Each observation was harsher than the previous column smacking of a whirlwind abhorrence of India for the Hindusthan.

While he did not rest spitting venom through his Hindutva awareness on the political structure, his beautiful bond with the Sangh continued from 1937 until 1973.

What the Congress leaders thought it appropriate was never appreciated by the Rashtriya Syamsevak Sangh and that’s why a tussle continued with the country’s ‘enemies’ in so many years. Even if the Congress party, the Communists and the Christians are still busy in exposing the RSS for its antagonistic approach, there appears no chance for them to prevail upon in any way.

The RSS carefully creates the real psychology of the Hindus, the Hindi and the Hindus than. The continuous procedure, the nonstop dispassionate crudeness, the incessant trust postponed, these things make us feel the fact of bias more than the madness of Nero. For it is not the perkiness of domination that infuriates but its passiveness in view of persisting scenario. The RSS throws out the concept of equal partnership of the Hindus and the Muslims in the country’s progress. That’s why the BJP has not extended ticket to a Muslim candidate in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections.


There is no denying the fact that the RSS supports the theory where the nation should build up of Hindus, on Hindu traditions, culture, ideas and aspirations. But how could it be feasible in the parliamentary system as long as the Muslim votes impacting the political fabric of the states? Currently, Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi considers of change not just of attitudes but of mindset, change of state from depth to purposeful action, change to take bold decisions.

Belittling the national flag it expounded the flag must symbolise the Hindu nation. That is why it favours the saffron flag as it produces a very good psychological effect. On July 14, 1946, MS Gowalkar said that —–“in the end, the whole nation will bow before the saffron flag. In 1966, he wrote: Had we not flag of our own? Had we not national emblem at all those thousands of years? Undoubtedly we had. Then, why this void, this utter vacuum in our minds?”



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