Sambit Patra Falls for ‘Fake News’ against NDTV, Defended it by calling ‘Freedom of Speech’


Could Sambit Patra, the BJP Spokesperson be holding a grudge against NDTV 24×7, for being asked to leave the show by anchor Nidhi Razdan after he accused the channel of “having an anti-BJP agenda”?  Or could it possibly be ‘just another mistake’?

Falling for the ‘fake news’ on Sunday Patra re-tweeted a story by the Times of Islamabad website on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ program.

The article was originally written by former finance minister P Chidambaram for the Indian Express on June 11, 2017. However, the Times of Islamabad while republishing it, credited it to NDTV instead of mentioning it as P Chidambaram’s opinion on Indian Express. Post NDTV’s reply to the tweet, the Pakistani website updated the story on its site and removed any reference to NDTV.

NDTV’s official Twitter handle was quick to highlight that Patra’s accusation against the channel was wrong and asked him to provide a clarification.

However, instead of regretting his malicious ‘error’ or rather apologizing, Mr Patra defended it by terming it as ‘Freedom of Speech’  and believes criticizing against BJP is ‘anti-India’ !

Ironically, the site Patra used to ‘expose NDTV’s propaganda’ is infamous for running many ‘twist and turn’ fake news stories mostly critical about the BJP itself.

The Times of Islamabad, a Pakistani website, also ran a story on May 16 with a Srinagar dateline, which triggered BJP MP Paresh Rawal’s attack on author Arundhati Roy. Reacting to comments that Arundhati Roy never made during a visit to Kashmir that never took place, Rawal tweeted that the army should use her as a human shield which created outrage against Mr Rawal and later Twitter blocked his account from posting further tweets for violating its user terms.

A fake story that originated in Pakistan, was used by pro-Hindutva websites in India to stir up nationalist sentiments and discrepancies throughout the country. Rawal was later forced by Twitter to delete the tweet.


Patra is a serial offender when it comes to using fake news to back his dubious claims.

In 2016, the BJP spokesman, in order to earn some cookies during a debate on Times Now, showed a photoshopped image of Indian soldiers in Kargil.

Using the same platform he also showed a doctored video clip showing JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar shouting slogans in favor of Kashmir’s independence. When questioned about broadcasting the unverified video, the then Times Now editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami accused The Wire of running a “factually inaccurate” story. Later, the channel admitted broadcasting the video.

Sambit Patra earlier claimed Cow’s dung is costlier than Kohinoor Diamond


Did you know cow’s dung (Gobar) is costlier than Kohinoor Diamond?
Sambit Patra’s research says so

Posted by Irony of India on Saturday, January 14, 2017

with PTI inputs



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